Licensing and Open Source

What type of license is Coopr open sourced under?

Coopr is licensed under an Apache 2.0 license.

How can I contribute?

Are you interested in making Coopr better? Our development model is a simple pull-based model with a consensus building phase, similar to the Apache’s voting process. If you want to help make Coopr better, by adding new features, fixing bugs, or even suggesting improvements to something that’s already there, here’s how you can contribute:

  • Fork coopr into your own GitHub repository
  • Create a topic branch with an appropriate name
  • Work on your favorite feature to your content
  • Once you are satisifed, create a pull request by going to the caskdata/coopr project.
  • Address all the review comments
  • Once addressed, the changes will be committed to the caskdata/coopr repo.