Does Coopr support authentication?

Coopr backend has minimal support for authentication. In the next version, there will be integration with Crowd and LDAP servers allowing users to authenticate against the available directories.

Are all communications between Coopr Server and Coopr Provisioners secure?

Not right now, but the plan is to move them to communicate on https in future releases. This is not an immediate concern, since there is no user sensitive data passed between them.

Can Coopr integrate with any authentication system?

It’s designed to integrate with any authentication system. The next release will include support for OpenID, LDAP and OAuth, and the later releases will open up integration with different systems.

Will Coopr support authorization and granular control in future?

Absolutely, this feature is few releases down the lane. Indeed, it’s one of the most important features that Coopr will be supporting. In large scale deployment of clusters and nodes, having granular and role based access control are imperative for auditing and accountability.