Types of Users

There are 3 types of users in the system. The first is the superadmin, the second is the tenant admin, and the third is the tenant user. The superadmin can create, edit, and delete tenants. The superadmin is also an admin of his own superadmin tenant. The tenant admin can create, edit, and delete providers, services, hardware types, image types, cluster templates, and plugin resources for his own tenant. Any object created in one tenant is invisible to another tenant. Finally, tenant users are able to read cluster templates in their tenant to create and manage their own clusters. Clusters created by one user within a tenant are invisible to other users in their own tenant.

System Tools

Coopr allows administrators to configure their servers and write custom plugins for allocating machines with your providers or to implement custom services. Administrators who are more command line driven, or who wish to write quick administrative scripts, can employ the Web services API. There are also several additional metrics and monitoring tools.

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