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In addition to the standard REST endpoints, a few RPC functions are available.

Get Properties of Nodes in a Cluster

The next RPC call gets node properties for nodes in a cluster belonging to the caller. The properties fetched can be whitelisted. Nodes returned can also be filtered so that only nodes containing a specific list of services are returned. To get a list of node properties from a cluster, make a POST HTTP request to URI:


The POST body must contain the clusterId. Optionally it can include an array of properties, containing a list of properties to return. Properties include hostname, ipaddress as well as anything else the Provisioners place there. Optionally the POST body can also contain an array of services. Doing so will restrict the result to only contain properties from nodes that have all services in the list. The response is a JSON Object mapping node id to its properties.

POST Parameters

Required Parameters

Parameter Description
clusterId Id of the cluster containing the node properties to get.
properties JSON Array containing the properties to return. An empty or nonexistant entry will return all properties.
services JSON Array containing services that must be on the node in order for their properties to be returned. An empty or nonexistant entry will return all nodes.

HTTP Responses

Status Code Description
200 (OK) If update was successful
400 (BAD REQUEST) If the request POST body is malformed or does not contain clusterId.


$ curl -X POST
       -H 'Coopr-UserID:<userid>'
       -H 'Coopr-TenantID:<tenantid>'
       -H 'Coopr-ApiKey:<apikey>'
       -d '{
               "properties":["hostname", "ipaddress"],
$ {
      "16b10331-0bd4-4e0e-9de5-45334cdcf459": {
          "hostname": "host-1001.local",
          "ipaddress": ""
      "52e35f27-5ef1-4233-a844-297134bd30a9": {
          "hostname": "host-1002.local",
          "ipaddress": ""